MTZ Strike Committee Leader Leaves Belarus Amid Fears For His Safety

Sergei Dylevsky is the only member of the Presidium of the Coordination Council, who until recently was in Belarus and at large, left for Poland. He is currently in Warsaw. This was announced by press secretary of the Coordination Council Anton Rodnenkov. According to Rodnenkov, Dylevski “was forced to leave Belarus amid fears for his safety”.

Commenting on the departure to Nasha Niva, the former MTZ worker said that he had previously taken his family to Warsaw for the same reason. Last week it became known that Sergei Dylevsky was dismissed “by agreement of the parties” from the Minsk Tractor Plant, where he worked for 12 years.

In a conversation with TUT.BY, Dylevsky said that it was a necessary step, because otherwise the deputy general director of MTZ for ideological work, personnel and social development Andrei Suslenkov allegedly threatened to fire Dylevsky’s parents.

“In the office, he said straight to my face ‘Either you quit now and everything will be fine, or you stay at work and we will do everything to fire your parents’,” said Sergei Dylevsky. He worked at MTZ for 12 years.

After that, Andrei Suslenkov, deputy director of MTZ, accused Dylevsky of lying and said that he was not fired for absenteeism or for political reasons, he quit himself. The deputy director also noted that “Dylevsky’s parents both worked and keep working at the plant.”

“They Beat Our Children.” Workers Of State-Run Enterprises In Belarus Are Striking

After the presiential elections, Sergei Dylevsky headed the strike committee of the Minsk Tractor Plant, and later entered the presidium of the Coordination Council. Until recently, he was the only one from the Presidium of the Constitutional Court who remained in Belarus and at large.

Dylevsky spent 25 days at pre-trial detention centers on Okrestsin Street in Minsk and in Zhodino after he was detained on 24 August and sentenced to 10 days of arrest. The reason was the correspondence of workers in the MTZ 97% chat, which was recognized as the organization of an unauthorized mass event.

On 3 September, Sergei was supposed to be released, but instead he was again sentenced for 15 days for participating in an unauthorized march.