Belarusians Make Short Movie About John Wick’s Childhood. Watch It!

You probably know that assassin John Wick, the protagonist of the eponymous film series played by Keanu Reeves, is from Belarus. Belarusians just couldn’t get this fact out of their heads and shot a short film about John’s childhood.

According to the authors of the video, Jardani Jovonovch is the name John was given at birth. The boy lived in the village of Padhorje and constantly “made up different names”.

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Picture: KYKY.org

He called himself Constantine (a character’s name in occult detective film Constantine), Utah (Reeves’ character in “Point Break” movie), or The One (a reference to Neo from The Matrix).

The locals who allegedly knew the boy said that little Jardani ended up in America after he was adopted by gypsies who took him to the United States. The villagers also spoke about Jardani’s love to fairy tales about Baba Yaga and his weapon skills.

The video footage ends with the old people, holding a photograph of John Wick and saying: “Jardani, Keanu, John, Neo – come home. We love you and are waiting for you!”

The video was first shown at the VOKA SmartFilm Mobile Film Festival in Minsk. The short ironic film is an attempt to invite Keanu Reeves to Belarus. The festival ends on 16 April, so the actor still has a lot of time. Will he come? What do you think?