Mothers Against Violence. Women Are Marching In Minsk On Mother’s Day

On Wednesday, 14 October, a women’s march took place in Minsk. Its participants gathered near the Red Church and marched along the main avenue of the capital. 

At about 3 pm about a hundred women gathered in the Independence Square near the Red Church. Some of them were carrying flowers, others had banners in their hands, however, most of them came without any symbols.

About an hour later, those who had gathered formed a procession and moved along Independence Avenue towards Oktyabrskaya Square. The women were chanting: “Long live Belarus”, “Mothers are against violence”, “All for one and one for all”.

The video footage shown women singing a Kupalinka folk song in the underpass in Victory Square.

You gassed me, threw grenades at me. Come to your senses, son

If you didn’t give birth, you are not a president; Mother’s curse is on you, OMON [riot police]

Motorists were honking in support. This time, the police did not interfere with the participants of the procession. According to preliminary information, there were no arrests reported. Recall that on 14 October Belarus celebrated Mother’s Day.

Source: TUT.BY