Belarus’ Hope. Australian Artist Draws 12-Storey-High Mural In Minsk

An image of a boy looking to the future with optimism and confidence has recently appeared on a high-rise building facade in Minsk.

Can you decode it?

minsk mural

TUT.BY reporter talked to its creator to learn what’s behind the idea and its meaning.

Fintan Magee, the street artist from Australia, spent two weeks at Kuncaŭščyna microdistrict to make a precious gift to the city.

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At the moment the work is at its final stage. The artist makes small adjustments by fixing the sleeve colour and drawing its bottom.

Tonight he finishes the mural and on Wednesday this week he will leave our country.

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Looking for inspiration Fintan took a historical excursion around Minsk and talked a lot to his friends from Belarus.

Development of IT business, sucess start-up stories, programming courses for kids really impressed the foreigner.

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“He liked the idea of ​​Belarus as an IT-country. It’s not an easy, but cool way to take your own place in the world. Folklore does not develop the country’s economy.

 Fintan is aware of our current problems but believes – everything can be overcome if to think boldly,” Oleg Larichev, Urban Myths organizer, said.

minsk mural

Also, the Australian was inspired by the works of the Belarusian artist Jazep Drozdovich and Soviet murals.

That’s why he decided to implement his idea as a version of the Soviet monumental artwork in a modern style.

“This artwork is about the country’s hope, its image of the young IT-Belarus, which looks confidently to the future and creates it right now.”

Urban Myths is a crowdfunding project where artists from different countries create artworks based on their first impressions of the city and locals.

Source: TUT.BY