PHOTOS: Minsk’s Most Hip Street Food Spot Opens 2020 Season

One of the best meeting points for local foodies, party goers and hungry street food hunters has finally opened. More food trucks, fixed prices on food sets, more selfie-perfect locations, more places to chill and street art to explore.

All the youth (and, well, not only) have been waiting for this to happen! Pesochnitsa food court has opened the 2020 summer season.

Where: vulica Kujbyšava, 45

When: from 12 am to 11 pm  daily

Price: free, 8 BYN for a food set

Since desperate time call for desperate measures, food trucks and seats have been placed at a 1,5 meters distance from each other, the stage has been mounted on the roof, hand sanitizers are available, employees work in masks, and all the food sets can be taken to go.

This season, the site has been updated, as new art objects, sea containers, city gardens and covered terraces have appered. The spot took its first steps towards eco-friendliness: some trucks serve drinks in your mug, halted the use of sugar bags and replaced plastic tubes with eco-friendly ones.

But most importantly, the menu has been updated. Look for your favourite set at one of the following food trucks: El`Faranoche, Salty Dog, More Less Coffee, Street Food Master, Minsk city truck, Elephant Bagel, Trdlo house, Monkey-Brother, and Grillman.

The schedule of events at the location is available on their Facebook and Vkontakte pages.

Source: TUT.BY