Detention Facilities In Minsk And Zhodino Stop Accepting Parcels For Administratively Arrested

The receipt of parcels for the detainees serving administrative arrest will be stopped entirely in a temporary detention centre in Zhodino due to COVID-19. An exception is medicines upon presentation of a clinical report, volunteers report.

“We regret to inform you that from tomorrow (27 January 2021) the administration of the Zhodino prison will stop accepting parcels for administratively detained (on Wednesdays). Exceptions are life-saving medicines that can be handed over on any weekday (with a clinical report),” the volunteers report.

An isolation centre for offenders on Okrestin Street in Minsk has not accepted parcels for those serving administrative arrest for about three weeks now. An official reason is to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. At the same time, as the arrested said, despite the spread of coronavirus, for some reason they were repeatedly transferred from cell to cell.

Lawyers believe that it is illegal to restrict the receipt of parcels for arrested persons, and that such restrictions are contrary to the Code of Procedure. Meanwhile, according to the Healthcare Ministry, the number of registered COVID-19 cases in Belarus is rapidly declining. Over the past day, there were 847 COVID-19 patients 1,024 new cases were registered on 25 January and 1,752 on Sunday.

Source: TUT.BY