Minsk Outranks Milan, London And Paris In Quality Of Life Index

Move over Barcelona, Milan, London and Paris, Minsk has all the trappings of a better life, according to global database Numbeo’s quality of life index.

Numbeo analyzed purchasing power, safety, healthcare, cost of living, property price to income ratio, traffic commute time, pollution, and climate.

minsk quality of life

The 2019 ranking that assessed 226 cities ranked Minsk 130th, ahead of a number of major world cities. The same ranking of the European cities placed Minsk on 50th position out of 78.

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This year the Belarusian capital slightly moved up in the ranking. Last year it was 141.32 (with a maximum index of 208.04), now it is 143.39 (with a maximum index of 216.39).

Warsaw, Riga, Barcelona and Wroclaw has a similar quality of life index. Moscow and Kiev are among the seven cities in Europe with the lowest indices, while the most comfortable European city is Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

9 World Rankings Where Belarus Ranks Best And Worst

Canberra in Australia tops the ranking with a quality of life index of 224.30, followed by Eindhoven in the Netherlands, Raleigh, NC in the United States, Adelaide in Australia, and Zurich in Switzerland.

On the other hand, Beijing in China, Dhaka in Bangladesh, Lagos in Nigeria, and Caracas in Venezuela occupy the last places.

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