7 Romantic Places In Minsk For Perfect Autumn Dates

Cozy sweaters, warm drinks, romantic walks, and beautiful scenery — this is the season for falling (pun intended) even more in love. And we will help you with that!

Just some of the bucket list ideas for your perfect autumn date in Minsk.

Botanical garden

It’s one of the most scenic times of the year!

Go get outside and soak up warm sunbeams and crisp air in Minsk botanical garden.


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There’s nothing more romantic than a leisurely stroll in one of the most beautiful and secluded gardens in the city. No people, exotic plants and stunningly colourful foliage create a truly intimate atmosphere for cuddles.

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Just imagine walking there hand in hand with your lover. It hands-down one of the best spots for autumn dates. And remember, Belarusian women like beauty, they can easily spend hours taking photos, so be ready for a small photo shoot there.

Krasnyi Dvorik

Create a romantic backyard date under the open sky in a picturesque and fairly quiet patio in the heart of the city.


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Lovely during the day and at night it will really set the mood on mid-autumn night dates. Afterwards, take a stroll along cozy winding streets of the Upper Town and dozens of small cafes or drop in one of Zybickaya street rowdy bars.

Karl Marx Street

You’ve probably been there many times but that doesn’t mean the street became less attractive because of that.


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Full of life both day and night, there are still plenty of cafes and serene corners to enjoy privacy. The atmospheric yard of the National History Museum is one of them.

While in summer there are exhibitions, concerts and film screenings, autumn is the time when the spot can be yours alone. Besides, if you suddenly get cold, you can always drop in the museum and have a quality time there.

Upper Town

Besides bustling streets and towering buildings, Minsk boasts its peaceful and serene places.

One of them is Trinity Suburb with its tiny colorful houses reflected in the Svislach River. When evening falls and couples old and young leave their houses, it really looks like a fairytale location.

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Local lovers particularly have a soft spot for the Island of Tears separated from the main avenue and prying eyes by the water. Sometimes the most memorable moments are the most silent and serene and this is the place to have them all.

Big Opera and Ballet Theatre Park

After watching something extraordinarily beautiful at the Big Opera and Ballet Theatre, it’s a perfect time to take a stroll in a park nearby.


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Walk in silence, enjoy the autumn scenery and fanciful sculptures or share your emotions after visiting one of the city’s must-go places. Don’t forget to leave your phones at home or turn them off beforehand!

Drazdy Park

If you want something fresh and out of the city, go to wooded Drazdy Park. You can get there from almost anywhere in the city, either by bike, car or public transport.


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The place has a plenty of romantic gazebos, benches, a beach that is usually a meeting spot of local swans, and even an artificial small waterfall. What else do you need? This park is virtually created for romantic dates with your Belarusian girlfriend or boyfriend.

Pinky Bandinsky patio

Planning a first date or any date? Pinky Bandinsky’s soothing ambiance will send sparks flying.


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Open before the chill, the bar’s patio is perfect for whispering sweet things to your loved one and snuggling up. There’s a big chance you come across a live jazz band performance, some fair or festive celebrations.

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Besides, after having a nice evening you can always have a nicer night here. The area hosts half a dozen number of cool bars and clubs perfect for a night date in Minsk. Just walk around the neighbourhood and hop in the first one you that caught your eye – it  won’t dissapoint you.

Locals say Minsk is full of love and romance, you just need to know places where to find it.

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