Minsk Old Cafes Where City’s Spirit Is Still Alive

Apart from 21st-century sights and fancy fun places, Minsk is home to many old authentic spots where the city’s unique spirit is still alive and breathing.

New places in Belarus’ capital pop up at the same speed with which they disappear.

That is why cafes and restaurants that have kept their doors open for at least 15 or even 20-30 years worth its weight in gold.


Maurizio Dzanini created the Italian restaurant Bergamo in 1994.


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He believed the Minskers would appreciate and love an important part of his culture. And he was not mistaken! The place will soon celebrate its 25th anniversary.

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Graffiti pub is 19 years old, hard to believe but it was founded back in 1999.


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The pub and Minsk underground match each other like cutlets and purees. Wild dances on a bar counter, master classes for young moms and parties for kids are in one place.

Rakovsky Brovar

The beer restaurant was opened in 1997 in the building of the 19th century.


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Since then, the interior has not changed much. More than twenty years ago, people stood in line to get inside. Now, you don’t have to do that but it is still pretty popular.

Skazochny Zamok

One of the first pizzerias in Minsk was opened in 1994.


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Prior to this, the eponymous children’s cafe worked here. Since then, for more than 20 years, Minskers eat pizza that instantly returns to the times when they were students.

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In the early fifties, the first shop selling cars in Minsk was opened in the building.


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Later it was redeveloped into an automatic snack bar. Visitors bought tokens, threw them into the cracks in the counters and got dishes. In 1967, the Berezka cafe opened here.


In the mid-eighties, the Seven Fridays cocktail bar was located here.


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The Gudwin Club along with the famous sculpture of the Tin Woodman appeared in 2002. Since then it has repeatedly changed its names and owners. This spring it finally got its former name back.


The restaurant of 2001 has a history of being built from pieces.


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Публикация от Кафе “Грюнвальд” ⚜️ (@grunvaldcafe)

Right there where one of the halls is now, there was an artist’s workshop. On the site of the kitchen was a hairdressing salon. Grunewald is one of the few places in Minsk that has passed the test of time.

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Maxshow club

Maxshow club was opened in 1993.


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According to its owner, the choice fell on the October cinema hall because of its round shape. The club has brought up more than one generation of musicians, artists and strippers. It’s no exaggeration to say that the club is an interesting part of the city.


Lakomka dates back to 1952 when a pastry shop was opened on the first floor of a residential building of the City Council.


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In the late sixties, the store was named Lakomka and it still lives under this label. The last reconstruction was carried out in 2016, after Lakomka passed to Confectionary Kommunarka OJSC.

Minsk hotel restaurant

The restaurant in Minsk hotel opened its doors in 1959. Then the hotel was considered the most comfortable in the city: each room had a bathroom, a telephone, and a TV.



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No wonder that the future Kennedy assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, lived here before moving to the apartment on the Kommunisticheskaya street. The restaurant is still working, and recently introduced a new option – a “buffet” for BYN 9.50 (~ $4,5) at lunchtime.

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Since 2003, the restaurant Kamyanitsa has been operating in the building on Pervomayskaya.


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Before that, a favorite restaurant of the KGB employees was here. In the 80s it turned into a children’s cafe. Indigenous Minskers still nostalgically recall its glazed curd bars and ice cream.

In 2002, it closed to give way to a national kitchen, Kamyanitsa specializes in potato pancakes and machanka.

Source: the Village