5 Facts About Minsk Metro Security Tourists Need To Know

While the rules of using the metro all around the world are more or less similar, there are still some picularities you might not know. BelarusFeed compiled a small list of features and rules that can be helpful for tourists while in the Minsk metro.

Stay safe and enjoy your ride!

1. No bomb jokes

Mind that making bomb jokes is a crime in our country.

The most frequent crimes in the Minsk metro are theft, misappropriation of found property, jokes about bombs, travel documents forgery and inappropriate behaviour.

Suicide attempts occur quite often too. However, unlike in other countries, there are almost no “catches” in Belarus – people riding or moving between cars.

2. Keep your face straight

The Minsk metro security services officers take regular advanced training courses.

The guards are trained to recognize potential violators and suspicious passengers.

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They know how to assess and predict human behavior judging by their appearance, clothes, facial expressions and gestures.

3. Big bag? 

Prepare for security check if you carry a big bag, backpack or suitcase.

While such checks became a part of routine, it’s still not always possible to check each and every passenger during peak hour.

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“During holidays there are many passengers with large bags and it is clear that we can’t check everyone won’t,” said Dmitry Mlynarchik, the police chief of the public order of the Internal Affairs Directorate.

The guards are often guided by their intuition and observation skills, and it works.

Occasionally subway guards found cold weapons and cartridges in the pockets of passengers who did not have any bags at all.

4. Surveillance

The system of video surveillance, which covers all corners of the subway, helps police prevent, reveal and prove the crimes.

The metro security service officer usually use scanners and manual metal detectors.

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In emergency situationt they can use localizers of explosive objects.

Portable containers with an anti-explosion screen, which extinguishes and absorbs the energy of the explosion.

5. More security

Female inspectors at the entrances of Minsk metro stations will be replaced by security inspectors by mid-2018.

This is due to the strengthening of security measures in the subway.

Now those on duty will have to have more competence and training.

Source: ctv.by