Minsk To Throw Epic Concert In Metro Station On 13-14 October

For the first time ever, Minsk will be hosting a live concert on the platform of one of its metro stations. Believe us, you want to be there!

Ever heard of a concert happening in a metro station?

An unconventional city event will take place on the platform of the Piatroŭščhyna metro station.

Music in a metro may not sound particularly appealing at first blush, but be there at 2 am on 14 October to feel otherwise.

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The line up of the underground concert runs local rock band beZ bileta, Stradivarius orchestra, Dyadya Vanya, Pesnyary, and choir performance.

A laser, light show, and other surprises are also on the list. Mind the platform’s capacity is just 400 people and the concert might be extremely popular.

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The metro concert is taking place within the annual Yuri Bashmet International Music Festival in Minsk.

UPD: Tickets for the event have gone on sale this week, grab yours!

Source: ctv.by