PHOTOS: First Passengers Test Drive New High-Tech Stadler Train In Minsk

First passengers tested new Stadler train of Minsk metro. Such trains will run on the third metro line this summer. However, one already has an opportunity to catch a train on Aŭtazavodskaja line. 

On 4 February, first passengers boarded the new train at 10.11 pm at Mahiloŭskaja station. The new train ran twice from Mahiloŭskaja to Kamennaja Horka stations and back.

A test-drive was to provide extra practice for drivers. The train’s schedule is yet unknown, however, one thing is clear – there is no way one catches it in rush hour. At least, so far.

minsk metro stadler

Dear passengers, an electric four-car train is arriving. Please be careful!”

The train has just four cars – it is shorter than Minskers are used to see, this is why they are warned about its length over P.A. Six four-car and four five-car trains will appear by the 2020 year-end.

minsk metro stadler


minsk metro stadler

First impressions

The train looks pretty cool in comparison with the old soviet ones”, say Kostya and Andrew. They are already charging their phones – there are special ports for charging.

One of the boys adds: “My phone was charged from 16 to 44 per cent on the way from Mahiloŭskaja to Pralietarskaja station. It is very fast!”.

minsk stdaler trains

minsk metro stadler

Many note that the new train feels cramped, although there is actually more open space than in old trains – passengers can move freely from one carriage to another inside the train.

“It’s good that there are extra handrails in the centre of the entrance area– more people will be able to hold on to them. On the other hand, people may hit their foreheads since we are not used to it,” says Eleanor.

minsk metro stadler

minsk stdaler trains

The train is actually less noisy. It was noticeable when it arrived at the station.” She also notes that the way the train looks does not affect its driving performance and user-friendliness.

Andrew, Eleanor’s son, agrees with her: “It’s a lot quieter here. I often use headphones when in metro and old trains were louder than the music. Now it is much better.”

On the way back Eleonora and Andrew note that two-passenger seats have little space for two people. Kostya and Andrew also mentioned this problem.

However, Stadler representatives say that the seats in the new trains meet the standards where the width of one seat is 450 millimetres.

minsk metro stadler

The new train has a pass-through between the cars, zones for people with reduced mobility at both ends of the new train, air conditioning systems, and phone charging stations.

The area for wheelchairs is near the entrance door and is equipped with a locking panel and additional folding seats. New trains will be used on the operating and future metro lines with the prospect of gradual replacement of the current fleet.

Source: TUT.BY