New Photos And Details! This Is What Minsk Metro Trains Will Look Like

A series of pictures showing new “Stadler” trains for the Minsk metro was leaked online.

The sneak pics are reportedly provided by the company whose project was approved by Minskers.

The cars design will be in a modern “metro-style” with seats along the side walls and wide areas for the standees.

The seats are shaped by human body contour with clear boundaries between them.

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Placement of handrails allows passengers of any height to firmly stand on their own two feet.

As an option, the passengers can hold on to bar-rail which is in the center of the entrance area.

The area for wheelchairs is near the entrance door and is equipped with a locking panel and additional folding seats.

There are indicator buttons inside and outside the cars that show if the doors are locked or open.

Besides, passengers will be able to move freely from one carriage to another inside the train.

A special exit for the evacuation of passengers into the tunnel will be at the end of the head car.

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“It’s almost impossible to leave the train through the passenger doors in a narrow tunnel.

That’s why, in the Stadler train for the Minsk metro special facilities for the evacuation of passengers through the door at the end of the head car are provided.

It is only necessary to open the door and fold back a special ramp, whereupon the passengers will be able to safely leave the train. “

The fact that “Stadler Minsk” will supply ten trainsets for the Minsk metro became known in early 2018.

According to the contract, Stadler will supply six four-wagons and four five-wagons trains by the end of 2020.

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The company, which is a part of the Swiss Stadler Rail Group, plans to supply the first train four-wagon train in 2018.

The trains are equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system. The warranty period – is 560 thousand kilometers.

First info about the trains appeared at the international transport exhibition in St. Petersburg in the autumn last year.

Source: TUT.BY