6 Free Lectures On Minsk History To Take Place In City Hall

A series of free lectures on “How Minsk Became Capital” will be given by historians in Minsk City Hall on Saturday, March 3.

What secrets does this ancient and mysterious city hide?

The event is dedicated to the 951 anniversary of the first mention of the city in the chronicles.

The lectures will tell about different periods of the Minsk history.

You will know about the life if the city as an administrative, economic and cultural center, voivodeship, province and republic.

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To make the event more interactive and fun the lectures will be accompanied with music and theater sketches.

The event will consist of six parts:

Part 1. Minsk as the capital of the principality

Part 2. Minsk as the capital of the voivodeship

Part 3. Minsk as a governorate city

Part 4. How Minsk became the capital

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Part 5. How Minsk became the Soviet capital

Part 6. Minsk –the capital of the Republic of Belarus

Where: Minsk City Hall, Plošča Svabody 2

When: Saturday, March 3

Price: Free

Mind that you still need to registration by calling one of these numbers: 8(017)321-24-30 or 8(017)342-24-26.

Calls are accepted from Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 19pm.