15 Moments Of Minsk Half Marathon 2017 That Will Make You WANT To Be There Next Year

On Sunday Minsk ran the Half Marathon. For the first time the race has gathered 30,000 people – professions and amateurs – from 50 states.

Though numbers are important, crazy emotions from Minsk Half Marathon top it all!

It may sound a little banal until one sees a man on wheel chair crossing the finish line. Or strangers sacrificing their result and carrying a runner who has almost fainted to doctors on their hands.

A young family starting their race with a baby or a guy who has just completed his 21km giving flowers to the girl he loves. And certainly even the biggest sceptics will melt when they see a small dachshund finishing the race with people!

We have found some other amazing things you can feel, see and do if you come.

You can meet this stormtrooper who ran 5, 10 and finally 21km at Minsk Half Marathon!

You’ll be surrounded by electrifying and unforgettable atmosphere!

You’ll learn who is faster – pacman or minion!

You’ll test your limits…

… and understand there are none.

You’ll be running together with vikings or Jesus himself!

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Oh, and there will always be Mr. Lenin with his comrades to support you.

Watch: Minsk Half Marathon 2017 in 2 minutes

You may feel exhausted but you will definitely feel happy after the finish line!

Especially if you are together with someone you love.

So think about Minsk. For next year!