Dates And Fees For Minsk Half Marathon 2020 Announced. Let’s Run Together!

The Belarusian Athletics Federation announced the start of registration for the Minsk Half Marathon 2020. The race will take place in Belarus’ capital on 13 September.

Let’s run together!

Runners can choose one of three distance options: 5,5 km (25,000), 10,55 km (8,500) and 21 km ( 8,500 people). Applications can be submitted online on the website of the half marathon.

minsk half marathon 2020 belarus registration fees dates

The online registration is open till 12 September or till the popular sports event is filled to capacity. This year up to 42,000 people are expected to run through Minsk streets. The prize pool will be $60,000.

“We are growing bigger. The demand for registration is huge. There are limited entry slots for each distance. This is done to avoid emergencies and make the race as comfortable as possible,” Chairman of the Belarusian Athletics Federation Vadim Devyatovsky said.

The registration fee will depend on the distance and time of registration: from BYN 13 (5,5 km while registering until 10 May) to BYN 100 (while registering for the maximum distance of 21km the day before the start).

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Schoolchildren, students, seniors, people with disabilities, the Chernobyl clean-up workers and war veterans can run 5,5km race for free. Last year, 40,000 people from 68 countries worldwide came to compete in Minsk Half Marathon 2019.

Eritrea’s Afewerki Berhane (21.1km) won the men’s event and Nina Savina of Belarus (21.1km) won the women’s event. Recall that in 2019 it was awarded the silver label of the International Athletics Association (IAAF Road Race Silver Label).

Want to enjoy the charm of wide Minsk avenues, historical sights and modern buildings? Register via the official website of Minsk Half Marathon and become a part of something big and beautiful.