Minsk Half-Marathon 2019. Fancy Dresses And Funny Signs From This Year’s Race

Ignore the running and beautiful panoramic shots of Minsk. We all know the half-marathon is actually a time to gawp at people running through the city in a crazy costume.

Didn’t think you’d see Spider, Joker, Obelisk and even Alladin’s family or running the Minsk Half-Marathon, did you? This year it was all about the costumes!

As 40,000 competitors from 68 countries crossed the start line people were already tweeting and snapping their favourite costumes. Below are just some of them:

“My wife feeds me well, that’s why I decided to be Obelisk, to enhance the natural beauty, so to say,” Alexander Zelensky, who ran 21km, said.

Last year Timofeevy were Super Family. In 2019, they fantasized on what it would like if Aladdin, Jasmine and their kids decided to run a half-marathon

“Mom is the fastest (crossed), the most beautiful,” the sign says.

In 2018, Roman Katolikov ran as a Viking, this year he decided to conquer the race as a Spartian

Meet a Belarusian Spider-man, Yury Dalnichenko. He ran 21 km and now is ready to kiss his Mary Jane.

“You see a miserable parody of the ancient Greeks and wild people! We painted just before the start and were almost late.”

“Why so serious, right?” by Alex Karpovich

Pennywise returns!

Oh wait, is it Christmas already?

Sergey Dikarev transformed into a dino to keep company to his wife, who was running 21k, for the first time

Victoris Tolkacheva, who works as an accountant, ran as a princess with a crown on her head

Sergey Zhukovsky and Victoria Gulevich created costumes from what they had on hand. Sergey is a pirate and Vika is an old crazy lady

Sisters Inna and Olga Simokhiny in character of Countesses Cherries from “Le avventure di Cipollino”.

Well, when cleanliness and humour meet.. this is what happens.

Run, Aladdin, run!

“Half-Marathon unites!”

“Ira, you are 22-year-old now, easy on your joints.”

“Smile and run or I will raise this poster up.”

“Let’s take the bull by its sides.”

A classic devil costume will never go out of style

The 5th edition of the Minsk Half Marathon gathered more than 40,000 athletes and amateurs at the start line near the Palace of Sports in Minsk on Sunday, 15 September.

They took part in three races for 5.5km, 10.5km and 21.097km. Nina Savina of Belarus won the 21.1km race of the Minsk Half Marathon 2019 setting a new record of 1:11.24.

Source: TUT.BY