Minsk Is The Best City You’ve Never Been To, Review By Experienced Travelers

Minsk is the city that you highly unlikely to find on the radar of a typical European tourist or in the Lonely Planet must-see destinations list. 

Safe, clean and highly cultured.

The team of Simon Black, the founder of Sovereign Man, international entrepreneur, investor, and permanent traveler believe it’s a big glaring omission.

We have no reason to not trust Digital Nomads team, who’ve seen the world and still describe Belarus’ capital as “the best city you’ve never been to”.

One of the most interesting places in Europe

While being unable to turn a blind eye to a threadbare “dictatorship” thing, the travelers note that Belarus is remarkably stable and secure.

“Unlike London, Hong Kong, or San Francisco, you will not see a single homeless person in Minsk.

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Parks and streets are sparkling clean. And the entire country is astonishingly safe.”

They also highlight the city’s sustainable infrastructure and abundance of places where you can sate you hunger for art and culture.

“Modern supermarkets, trendy cafes, and restaurants are everywhere in Minsk. Everything functions quite well.

Also, Minsk is a great place if you are into culture like ballet, opera, art festivals, theater, symphony, etc.”

Incredibly cheap

“The team stayed in Minsk this summer in a spacious Airbnb overlooking the city’s main square for just $20 per night.

A dinner in a fashionable restaurant in the best part of the city cost $12 per person.”

A subway ride cost them 30 cents, while a 30-min long Uber ride across the entire city was less than $4.

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$5 to $10 per month for mobile Wifi, including a router with unlimited internet that you can connect to the laptop.

An apartment in the central part of the city will cost you less than $600-$700 a month.

Love and people

“The people themselves are also fantastic – surprisingly friendly and extremely well-educated.

And if you’re single, you won’t be disappointed in that department either.”

Best part

Here is the best thing – unlike Russia, westerners don’t have to go through the troubles of obtaining a visa to visit Belarus.

Starting from July 2018, citizens of 74 countries can enter through Minsk International Airport and stay visa-free for up to 30 days.

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Mind that you can’t cross by road or by train to take advantage of the above mentioned regime.

That’s the perfect amount of time to get his/her feet wet in an inexpensive, safe, clean, highly cultured city that’s hardly on anyone’s radar.

BelarusFeed thanks Digital Nomads members for such a detailed and positive review!

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Photo credit: @misha_peshekhonov