141 Meters And 784 Steps. Minsk Firefighters Win Tower Of Challenge Contest

Belarus team of the Ministry of Emergency Situations won the international competition among the fire and rescue units in Ronquières, Belgium.

Nearly 250 participants, firefighters, police, military and civilians from Europe and the U.S. took part in the Tower of Challenge contest.

They climbed 784 steps, ran hurdles, lifted cargo, worked with a sledgehammer and transported a dummy representing the average adult male in weight.

Minsk Firefighters Win Tower Of Challenge Belgium

Photo: minsk.mchs.gov.by

The rescuers did it on time and in full 20kg rescue uniforms. One of the most complex elements of the program was a high-speed ascent to the 141m tower.

It’s not a common building. It is very difficult because the steps are very high. But the result is very good and we are happy,” Sergey Vechar, who showed the best time of 5 minutes and 11 seconds, said.

For comparison, the best civilian (who was not wearing any equipment) was 4 minutes 56 seconds. And the best non-Belarusian fireman, a Frenchman, finished the climb in 6 minutes 34 seconds.

Minsk Firefighters Win Tower Of Challenge Belgium

Photo: minsk.mchs.gov.by

Although it is true that we are very good in this exercise, we are first and foremost a team of real firefighters. This Monday, we are returning to Minsk and we are going back to work at the barracks,” he added.

Minsk firefighters were the best among participants from France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Spain, and the USA. The team took two first places in one contest. Exceptional!

Another Belarusian conquering the world is Yevgeny Los, the fireman and rescuer from Bobruisk, who has recently smashed the world record for push-ups on uneven bars.

By doing so he got into the Guinness World Records Book for the second time. Besides impressive sports results, his Instagram account where Los shares his routine is pretty impressive too.