12 Movies You Should Be Excited About At Minsk Film Festival “Listapad”

The Minsk International Film Festival Listapad, one of the the main cultural events in Belarus, has started in Minsk yesterday. 

More than 150 films from all over the world selected by cinema experts will be broadcasted at local cinemas from 3 to 10 November.

Cinemaholics and popcorn lovers, it’s time for you to go ape!

Are you ready to enjoy a whole week of art films from around the globe to fill your days with truth, love and beauty?

The art of loving. Story of Michalina Wislocka


They say there was no sex in the USSR. However a sexual revolution in the Polish People’s Republic happened.

Michalina Wislocka, a well-known Polish gynecologist, devoted years of her life to break moral stereotypes and finally wrote a book titled”Art of Love”.

When and where: 5pm on 10 November 5pm, Centralny cinema


Russia, Finland, Germany

When you work for the emergency services, rushing from one patient to another, your own life is going out of control and ready to fall apart.

This is exactly what is happening to the main character. So what is easier: to save others or yourself?

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When and where: 12pm on 3 November, Centralny cinema; 6pm on 4 November, Centralny cinema.  On 11-15 November in Mir cinema


Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden

Violent murders happen one after another in a small village.

Janina is an eccentric old lady, vegetarian and ardent nature defender. She believes that the hunters and local elite members were killed… by wild animals.  But is everything as it seems?

When and where: 6.30pm on 3 November, Centralny cinema; 9.30pm on 5 November, Pioneer cinema



What would you think of a person who has the same dreams as you?

This is the only way to communicate for solitary colleagues Maria and Endre. The pair lead secluded lives trying to avoid any contact in real life.

When and where: 9.30pm on 7 November, Pioneer cinema


Israel, Germany

Caution! It’s better not to watch the movie on an empty stomach.

Young German confectioner Thomas is working under a secret identity at the cafe in Jerusalem.

The place belongs to the wife of his lover, who died in a car crash.

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Thomas wants to find out what actually happened but becomes so involved in the life of his dead lover’s wife he has to stretch his lie to a point of no return.

When and where: 11pm on 5 November, Centralny cinema; 10pm on  8 November, Falcon Club



Two adventurous friends decided to trace 3,000 kilometers along the borders of Belarus on motor bicycles.

Forty seven days on the road and only one day without breakdown. The story is about an exciting journey and attempt to expore and show the beauty of the country.

When and where: 7.15pm on 8 Novemer, Belarus


Finland, Germany

A touching and ironic movie praising human solidarity from Finnish Aki Kaurismäki, the “last romantic” of the modern cinema.

The poignant tragicomedy tells serious stories of today’s Europe concern about refugees with the author’s sympathy towards the victims of the circumstances.

When and where: 7pm on 5 November, Pioneer cinema



Theater can be far more than a therapy or entertainment. For disabled people theater is life and pure creativity, where physical limitations don’t matter.

Theatrical groups from Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus took part in the film.

When and where: 5pm on 8 November, Belarus cinema



The soul-chilling story is written according to all the rules of the mystical genre: a spiritualistic session awakens the power of evil, the ghost pursues the heroes and leads them to insanity.

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Although horror movies are popular across the world, there have been few productions in this genre in Iran.

This is why you should wait and see how the film ends – the final you will never be able to predict!

When and where: 11pm on November 6, Centralny cinema



A very Chekhov movie. Slow, serene, on the one hand it respects the traditions of the Soviet cinema, on the other – completely destroys them.

The imperfection of the male world order in the picture reveals its own failure, showing weak to be strong.

When and where: 6.30pm on November, Centralny cinema



The movie is a great example when reality becomes an inspiration for the plot.

It’s really hard to figure out where the feature cinema begins and the documentary ends. If it really ends.

A story about an ordinary family where everyone is too absorbed in his own problems to notice what’s happening with the loved ones.

When and where: 2pm on 5 November, Centralny cinema


Czech Republic

What does it mean to be autistic? A medical diagnosis that separates them from the “normal ones” or a fascinating way of thinking which is annoyingly difficult to decode?

Czech documentarist Miroslav Janek urges us to stop perceiving autism as a problem or deviation through unique artistic and sensual approach.

When and where: 5pm on 7 November, Mir cinema

The Minsk International Film Festival “Listapad” (in Belarusian “listapad” stands for November, literally means “leaves falling”) is the biggest and high-status cinema event in Belarus.

The festival focuses on new films created in former socialistic countries, including CIS countries, Central and South-East Asia, Baltics, Eastern and Central Europe.

It is not only the platform for watching exquisite movies, but a place for the master classes, panel discussions, exhibitions, creative meetings and even special VR Days.

Foreign films will be broadcasted in the original language with Russian and English subtitles, Belarusian films will be accompanied with English subtitles.

You can find the full program of the festival here.

Sources: TUT.BY, CityDog, listapad.com

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