This Is The First Drone-Lapse About Minsk And It’s Just PERFECT

Artem Pryadko is a photographer from Minsk who is known for his incredible aerial photos and videos.

For example, he is one of the authors of the most famous video about Belarus called One Day In Life:

He also has a cool Instagram account with a lot of stunning pictures of Belarus.

pryadko instagram

And now Artem has posted a new video that is actually the first-ever drone-lapse of Minsk.

“A new direction in shooting time-lapses – time lapse using a drone. The video features footage shot in summer, autumn and winter 2016 in Minsk”, he wrote.

One year in Minsk is shown in 2 minutes: morning fogs over new residential areas, golden parks in autumn, the vibe and lights of the city at night… Just WOW!

If you still haven’t got enough of Minsk from the air, check out this hot summer time-lapse.