Lukashenko, Foreign Top Officials Invited To Minsk Dialogue Forum 2019

Minsk Dialogue Forum “European Security: Stepping Back from the Brink” will take place in Minsk on 7-8 October. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko and senior officials from other countries were invited to the event. 

The forum will gather high-profile representatives and leading experts from the EU, Russia, USA, China, and East European and South Caucasian nations.

Minsk Dialogue Forum Belarus 2019

Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, the ex-Commander of the U.S. Army in Europe, Lazăr Comănescu, the ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania, Alexander Vershbow, the ex-Deputy Secretary-General of NATO are expected to be there.

“With the collapse of the Intermediate-Range Missile Treaty and the arms control system, another pillar of strategic stability and European security disappears. It means that Europe will inevitably be drawn into the arms race, while military risks in Eastern Europe will be even higher,” said Yevgeny Preygerman, the director of the Minsk Dialogue Council on Foreign Relations.

“Therefore, this year the discussions at the forum will be especially practical. We will discuss new realities in European security,” he added.

This year’s forum will focus on the following topics:

  • Strategic stability and arms control: What confidence and security-building measures are appropriate? What innovative approaches can work?
  • Propaganda and counter-propaganda: Do we still have high-quality journalism and can we agree on some common journalistic standards?
  • Eastern Partnership at 10: ways forward to enhance soft security and resilience
  • China as a strategic actor in Eastern Europe and BRI’s connectivity potential
  • Can Belarus become a success story of East European security?
  • Donbas and Transnistria after the elections in Ukraine and Moldova
  • Where is the Eurasian Economic Union heading?
  • Transatlantic cooperation amid growing strategic competition

Who else will come to the event? Dirk Wiese, Dirk, the Coordinator for Intersocietal Cooperation with Russia, Central Asia and the Eastern Partnership Countries and Thomas Graham, the managing director of the Kissinger Associates and others. Invitations were also sent to the participants of the Trilateral Contact Group (Ukraine-Russia-the OSCE) on resolving the situation in Ukraine’s east.

The Minsk Dialogue was launched as a Track-1.5 initiative at the beginning of 2015. Its mission is to offer an open and geopolitically unbiased platform for research and discussion on international affairs and security in Eastern Europe.

Source: TUT.BY