Minskers Propose To Introduce Charges For Vehicles Entering City Center

Minsk residents suggested the city authorities introduce a charge for entering the zone inside the first ring by a private vehicle. Turns out a similar project is already in progress.

A petition with a proposal to introduce a charge for entering the zone inside the first ring was published on the Petitions.by website. It was signed by 155 people and was sent to the Minsk City Executive Committee.

“We believe that this measure will free the city centre from traffic jams and give road space to public transport lanes, bike paths and wider sidewalks. We believe that there’s enough public transport in the city centre and no need to bring your own car to a busy area for personal purposes.

Most Minsk residents, moving from the western part of the city to the eastern, from the information we have, use the second ring and the Minsk Ring Road. The main transit flow in the center falls on Praspiekt Niezaliežnasci and Niamiha street,” the petition reads.

At the same time, activists propose to exempt local residents, as well as those who travel along certain streets, from the charge. The drafters of the petition received a response, where transport authorities said that they are already working on a similar project.

According to the document, to handle heavy traffic at MKAD and other areas, the heavy-vehicle (with an allowable total weight of over 3.5 tons) drivers would be subject to such charges. If successful, similar charges might be applied to other modes of transport.

Neither specific timelines nor the boundaries of the territory where the new rules may come into force are known so far.

Source: TUT.BY