Minsk Is Marking 950th B-Day. Where To Party?

This weekend Minsk is celebrating City Day. Looks like the city will turn into one big party ground.

Because 950 years isn’t a joke!

The program of the celebration is enormous – there will be something going on in every district of Minsk.

To make things easier for you, here’s a list of the most large-scale and entertaining events.

Let’s get the party started!

Minsk 950th Anniversary Balloon Cup

Balloon pilots from 7 countries are coming to the Belarusian capital to take part in 4 competitive flights over the city on 8-10 September.

According to the plan, balloons will rise in the sky at 18:00 on Friday and Saturday and at 7:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

Most likely flights will start at the airport Minsk-1, but locations may change depending on the wind.

One more spectacular part of the festival, apart from the flights, is the night snow of lit balloons that will start at 22:00 on 9 September in the centre of Minsk.

When: 8-10 September

Where: airport Minsk-1, park near the National Library, park near Bangalore Square, Borovaya airfield, Solnechnaya Dolina ski center, rowing channel near Zaslavl (location will be determined before the start depending on the wind).

You can follow the updates of the festival on Facebook.

Musical Fountains Show

Musical Fountains Show is an international musical project where three elements – water, music and light – merge together.

Dancing water rising skywards, live music, performance by soloists of the Opera and Ballet Theatre and an incredible laser show will take place in the Victory Park.

On Friday evening!

When: at 21:00 on 8 September

Where: Victory Park

Historical Festival ‘Ancient Minsk’

You might ask ‘Why start an event at 11:07?’

Well this unusual timing is not an accidental choice. It coincides with the year of the first metioning of Minsk in historical chronicles – 1067.

The festival will include an array of re-enectment shows – from the battles of the Middle Ages to the First and Second World Wars.

When: at 11:07 on 9-10 September

Where: park at the crossing of Pobediteley and Masherova avenues

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Festival of Bread

A lof of fresh bakery, tastings and baking master-classes will be waiting for you at a fair near the Palace of Sports for two days.

The contest of the best karavai bread is also on the menu!

When: starting 10:00 on 9-10 September

Where: squire near the Palace of Sports

Parachuting and Air Festival

On Saturday some air action will be taking place near Chizhovka-Arena.

Organizers promise a parachuting show and a reconstruction of an air combat on Yak-52 jets.

Besides, you can get into a free helicopter flight – if you are patient enough to waut in the line.

When: at 15:00 on 9 September

Where: Chizhovka-Arena

Rock and Presidential Orchestra Show

One of the best Belarusian rock bands J:mors will play live together with the Presidential Orchestra of Belarus on Friday evening.

It will be the first open-air (and definitely the most large-scale) performance for the unusual duo.

When: at 22:00 on 9 September

Where: Palace of Sports

Minsk Half Marathon 2017

The biggest and most colourful sports event of the Belarusian capital is expected to gather 30,000 runners this year.

Even if you’re not a sports fan yourself it’s worth coming there anyway – just imagine how cool and electrifying the atmoshpere will be.

Plus runners in fancy costumes are always quite a show!

When: first start at 10:00 on 10 September

Where: in front of the Palace of Sports

Tankman’s Day

You surely know how obsessed Belarusians are with WWII – we even invented a computer game about it.

No wonder Tankman’s Day draws crowds.

This time it is taking place right in the centre of Minsk. 45 activity zones, impressive musical line-up, a food court and a game zome with 120 computers for WoT fans are just some of the events in the program.

And if you stay till 22:30, you’ll also watch the fireworks!

When: starting 14:00 on 10 September

Where: Victory Park

As we mentioned above these are just some of the highlights of the coming weekend.

Also, don’t forget about the big festive fireworks. The 20-minute light show is scheduled at 23:00 on Saturday, 9 September.