Minsk Among Top Three European Cities For IT Startups

Minsk is among the three best cities in Europe for the development of IT startups, according to the State of European Tech Report by Amico.

Belarus’s capital along with Cluj-Napoca in Romania and Delft in the Netherlands were named the best hubs for European tech.

Besides, Minsk was also among the top European cities in terms of the pace of development of the IT community. However, in the top 20 fastest-growing techs in terms of the number of visitors to Meetup events, Minsk took the last place with + 44% per year.

At the same time, the city took the 7th position (+62%) in the list of top ten fastest-growing hubs by growth of active members year-on-year. Belarus was ranked third in the same category.

Over the past year, Belarus has concluded only three investment transactions. Their total volume amounted to one million dollars. For comparison, in 2018 there were nine transactions, and in 2017 – 11. The maximum number of the investment deals were recorded in the UK – 1,303.

At to the growth in the development talent pool in Europe, Belarus  with 56 thousand professional developers took 25th position out of 45. Where does all this tech booming come from? BelarusFeed tried to explain the IT-country phenomenon in our own piece.

Featured image: emergeconf.io