Like In Netherlands! New Block Of Houses To Appear In Minsk

A new low-rise block of houses in Dutch style will be built in Minsk in the near future. BelarusFeed managed to get several sneak peeks of the draft design to share them with our readers.

Feel like having our own Amsterdam in Minsk?

New houses are planned to be built along the odd side of Novovilenskaya street.

“It will be low-rise block houses with glass rooms on the first floor, pitched and flat roofing designs.

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Architecture of the Netherlands inspired us to make such a design decision.

We adapted the Dutch traditions to our realities,” the architect of the project Alina Krasnovskaya explained the idea behind the project.

Initially the Capital Construction Management of the Minsk city centre wanted to see “something European”.

The houses were planned to be designed in a classic English style but then the ordering customer changed his decision.

“It’s nice that the city wants to see something unusual and new.

Judging by the renderings presented, the first floors of the complex will be occupied by offices and shops.

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A residential area with apartments will be at the higher floors.

The building is expected to have several block houses and a ground two-level parking,” Alina said.

A square meter will be more expensive than it is in standard panel buildings.

However, it is still too early to speak about specific figures.

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About 6,000 square meters of living space are planned – this is approximately 80 apartments.

Currently the project awaits the approval of the Minsk city executive committee.

Source: TUT.BY