Fly With Us! Instagram Account That Shows Minsk From Absolutely Different Perspective

Gotham, Soviet jungles or simply a grey modern city? You decide! But first watch videos shot by enthusiasts from Minsk who show the capital from absolutely different perspective.

Seeing beauty where nobody else can see it!

City 17

Публикация от Sputnik Aerials (@sputnikaerials)

“Born in the post-Soviet jugles and having a relatively long experience in video production, I have wondered whether Belarus can look cinematic.

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I had a chance to travel around the world a bit, and now I see a glaring romance in everything that they try not to show in Belarusian magazines, on TV and at the airport,” one of the creators of the channel says.

This is Minsk

Публикация от Sputnik Aerials (@sputnikaerials)

“I like to show the world the way it is but through my prism of perception of course.

 This is how the idea of starting Instagram account dedicated to the union of the Soviet modernism heritage and our youth appeared.

Now we focus on the architecture, city life and I’m pleased it is of great interest to many Europeans.”

Spaceship in #Minsk

Публикация от Sputnik Aerials (@sputnikaerials)

Sputnik Aerials Instagram account were created not so long ago, the first video was published only in December 2017.

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But the authors of the account say that Sputnik Aerials account on Instagram is just a beginning.

Skoro leto

Публикация от Sputnik Aerials (@sputnikaerials)

The Minskers plan to release a series of short documentaries about modern Minsk and its inhabitants on their YouTube channel.

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