Along With Helsinki And Munich. Minsk Among Europe’s Most Boring Cities

Travel search engine Aviasales polled a thousand users to figure out and rank the most boring cities in Europe. Unfortunately, Minsk is one of them. Let’s find out why.

The list includes eight cities with Helsinki, Bratislava, and Karlovy Vary heading the anti-ranking. Helsinki got the first place for a small number of attractions and nasty weather.

Bratislava, according to tourists, is no fun, with bad-tasting food and expensive. Karlovy Vary is in the top three because “the city is small and lack entertainment.”

Munich, too, was described as boring. Some tourists said that “after eight in the evening there is nowhere to go except for beer bars,” others lacked unusual sights.

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Warsaw was called “a boring, grey city with a minimum of cultural and historical sites,” and nothing interesting was found in Pisa except for the renown tower.

Vilnius and Minsk were also included in the boring list. Those hanging out in the Lithuanian capital didn’t know what to do there in the evening. Minsk was described as empty and non-zest.