Minsk Among 19 Coolest, Most Overlooked Places For Summer Holiday In Europe

Did you know? The Belarusian capital of Minsk is one of the most coolest and most overlooked cities for summer holiday in Europe this year.

Escape the crowds and sea of selfie sticks.

The Independent compiled a selection of top recommendations, along with some local tips for travel junkies to explore unexpected destinations.

Relive the spirit of the Soviet era (and surprise your friends) with a trip to Minsk, Belarus.

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Finally, if you want a European experience like no other, Cole at Lonely Planet says you should consider the Belarusian capital of Minsk.

Obsessed With Minsk. 23 Reasons From American Traveller Why To Visit Minsk

If you enjoy hearing your friends say ‘where?’ when you tell them your next travel plans, Minsk should be high up your list of European capitals.

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“The spirit of the Soviet era is said to live on in Belarus more than it has in Russia, yet Minsk is an increasingly cosmopolitan place, where it’s no surprise to find sushi bars amid the Stalinist architecture.”

No wonder why Minsk got into the compilation, a season of festivals to suit every taste and budget is in full swing at the city.