Now It’s Official. Minsk-National Airport Shuttle Train Will Be Re-Launched

A direct railway line between Minsk and National airport is being designed to launch an airport shuttle train, the press service of the Council of Minister reports.

To make this happen, the rail track within Minsk needs to be remodelled and a third rail track to be built, as well as a new 18 km long line between the Gorodishche railway station and the airport.

“This is a large-scale project, and we intend to launch it soon. Pre-design and design work on the project is currently underway,” Aleksei Avramenko, the Transport and Communications Minister said.

The scheme of the route will presumably look this way:

The project provides for building a separate railway line running from the Minsk central railway station to Minsk National Airport. The idea behind the project is to reduce the travel time from the city centre to the airport to half an hour.

“Last year we reported a record-high number of passengers – over 5,1 million. It was a milestone. If the passenger traffic continues to grow as in January 2020, we might handle up to six million passengers this year. Thus, we should enhance their travel experience,” the minister noted.

In other airport-related news, the first runway will be reportedly reconstructed. Recall that the second runway was opened in 2019, its length is 3,700 meters and the width is 60 meters.

Now the airport can handle all types of aircraft allowing flights in unstable weather conditions. The runway was successfully tested last April.

Shuttle transfers and a canceled train

The trains from Minsk to the airport were running from November 2014 to April 2017. They were diesel trains that had to make a stop at Smolevichi town, located some 40 km away from the capital, because of the peculiarity of the routes.

A trip by train thus took 70 minutes, and at the airport, passengers had to change to a shuttle bus. Trains to Minsk airport were canceled due to the start of construction of the second runway. At present, the airport is linked to the capital by a bus and mini-bus service.

Source: TUT.BY