Minsk Airport Introduces Separate Passport Queues

National Airport Minsk will separate nationals of different countries at passport controls on arrival.

Separate lanes for Belarusians and Russians.

minsk airport passport control

Depending on passenger volumes, Minsk airport will let the citizens of the Union State (Belarus and Russia) go through border control separately from third-country nationals.

At the same time, citizens of Belarus have the right to pass border control in any lane.

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Border officials hope this will help make the procedure much faster for passengers arriving in Minsk.

“In future, separate lanes will be introduced for the participants and guests of the 2nd European Games held in the Belarusian capital from June 21 to June 30,” the press release of State Border Committee reads.

minsk airport passport control

Minsk airport recently announced the introduction of a self-service bag drop system for faster check-in. Besides, the transport hub is currently working on the renovation of the existing terminal complex.

Major construction works are set to start after the 2nd European Games 2019 and finish by the 2021 Ice Hockey Championship. This is how the new terminal may look like.

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