Pre-Flight Security Rules Amended. 4 Updates You Should Know

Belarusian citizens and foreign travelers will be subject to new security screening procedures at Minsk National Airport before takeoff, the National Legal Internet Portal reports.

First things first

Passengers are now allowed at the security checkpoint only after presenting a boarding pass issued by the carrier or on his behalf.

It should confirm your check-in for a flight (a boarding pass); an electronic boarding pass + passport (or another document, see Appendix 2) will do as well.

Gadgets aside

In the age of all sorts of gadgets, one will have to spend a hell of a time pulling all these tech miracles that bright up time on the plane out of baggage.

So get all electronic devices, such as camera and video equipment, personal computers, laptops, e-books, tablet computers, mobile phones and what else you’ve got there from your hand luggage.

Place all your riches in trays or baskets separately from other contents of hand luggage and don’t forget to put trays on the conveyor of an X-Ray introscope for screening.

Safety first

The list of goods prohibited for carrying onboard an aircraft has been updated too.

In case you were planning to carry hand-to-hand combat gear with pointed ends or sharp edges in your cabin bags, better leave it in checked baggage or at home.

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The same applies to knives made of metal or any other strong material with a blade length over 6 cm, knives for cutting cardboard and scissors with a blade length of over 6 cm.

On the other hand, you are now allowed to have your studded shoes and skates with you. Yaaay, right?

No e-cigs

In addition, electronic cigarettes or cigars, pipes, or any other vaping devices for personal use containing batteries are prohibited in checked luggage.

Don’t worry, all these items can be transported in hand luggage but obviously is not allowed to be used onboard. Sorry and have a nice flight!

Source: TUT.BY