No Weddings, No Funerals. Minsk Adopts Plan To Fight Coronavirus

Minsk adopted a plan of additional measures to prevent and reduce the spread of acute respiratory infections, including those caused by COVID-19. The decision was made public and entered in force on Tuesday, 7 April.

The Minsk City Executive Committee stressed that measures taken earlier were advisory in nature, while the adopted measures are mandatory and should be observed by all.

Organizations and enterprises

  • Enterprises and organizations must not allow employees with cold systoms to work.
  • Meetings, seminars and sessions must be held using audio and video conferencing. Business trips are canceled.
  • Enterprises must limit the number of workers per shift and separate their flows, so that a break of at least 30 minutes is provided between shifts.
  • Access to repair or other third-party services is possible only if visitors wear masks.
  • All organizations should be wet-cleaned with detergents and disinfectants daily.

Public events

  • Reading rooms in libraries stop their work. Public events in museums and exhibition complexes are prohibited.
  • All exhibitions, presentations, fairs and other events are canceled.

Kindergartens, schools and universities

  • Kindergartens will continue to work, but parents can keep their children home. At the same time, the kindergartens should envisage measures aimed at “separation of children”. Kindergarten employees should not go from group to group.
  • Parents of schoolchildren also have the right to decide whether to send a child to school or not. At school, children should stay only in their classroom and don’t contact with other people.
  • Other educational institutions and universities are recommended to switch to distance learning or individual classes. On weekends, students should stay in their apartments or dormitory, and not go home to other settlements. No access for unauthorized persons. The same rule applies to unauthorized persons in gyms and stadiums of educational institutions.

Residental care-homes and hotels

  • Visits are prohibited in boarding houses for the elderly and disabled. Staff and residents must wear masks.
  • Hotels must provide rooms with a maximum distance from each other – on different floors, different sides of the corridor. Hotel workers should ask guests about their health and take their temperature.

Public catering

  • Tables should be at a 1,5 m distance from each other in canteens, cafes and restaurants. There should be a break of at least 60 minutes for the disinfection of rooms and equipment.
  • Custom events (banquets, corporate parties, memorials, weddings, etc.) are canceled.

Shops, shopping centers, beauty salons

  • Group presentations, tastings, promotions cannot be held in shopping centers and stores. Employees must wear masks and be provided with disinfectants, they should take their temperature before work.
  • Access to hairdressing salons, tattoo parlors, beauty salons, permanent makeup salons by reservation only (with at least 5 minutes interval between clients). Staff must wear masks.
  • The further work of discos, night clubs, hooka clubs, bowling alleys, billiard rooms, computer clubs remain in question.


  • Сhurches, temples and monasteries should now ensure regular washing and antiseptic of hands, cleaning of premises using disinfectants, ventilation, disinfection of furniture and door handles, icons, utensils and liturgical vessels in use.


  • The entrances of residential buildings will be washed with detergents and disinfectants: door handles, handrails, switches, elevator control panel.
  • Public transport will also undergo mandatory disinfection.

Recall that earlier similar measured were introduced in different regions of the country.