Plant To Assemble Mining Equipment To Be Built In Belarus

A new plant which will produce equipment for cryptocurrency mining farms to be built in Belarus in the near future.

Strike the iron while it’s hot

The enterprise will assemble mining rigs in the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park “Velikiy Kamen”.

It is special economic zone, companies operating there enjoy a preferential tax regime.

Industrial-scale crypto mining

The plans were made public by Russian Internet ombudsman and head of IT-company Radius Group Dmitry Marinichev.

“This will be a closed cycle production of printed circuit boards and assembly of complete mining devices,” he told Vesti-24 channel.

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The mining rigs would have advanced cooling systems utilizing the heat emitted by the powerful processors.

Moreover, the excess energy could be used for heating houses, offices and greenhouses.

3 Key Benefits Of Revolutionary Cryptocurrency Law For Foreign Business

According to the Belarusian experts, the crypto related market potential is around $2 billion as for now.

Marinchev’s company, a manufacturer of equipment for bitcoin mining, is a co-founding member of the Russian Mining Center, RMC.

Another company produces rigs for altcoins. He also own several mining businesses, which are also part of the holding.

Mining boom 

Miners from Russia and Baltic countries have been actively registering companies in Belarus lately.

More and more foreign crypto companies are coming to the country in anticipation of huge opportunities that the presidential decree will bring.

Meanwhile, news.Bitcoin.com report that they register two-three new legal entities on a daily basis.

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“We haven’t seen such dynamics in many years,” the website reads.

Besides, the business-friendly conditions, Belarus offers affordable energy to power large mining facilities.

Recall that the revolutionary decree “On the Development of the Digital Economy” will come into force on March 28.

Source: news.bitcoin.com, TUT.BY