Four New Stations Of 3rd Metro Line Will Open In Early 2020

Four new Minsk metro stations of the third metro line will open to the public in the first half of 2020, ONT TV channel reports.

Construction of the 3rd metro line is, without doubt, one of the most large-scale projects of the decade in Belarus. The 3rd line will be 17.2 km and will connect the south of Minsk with the north.

minsk metro line stations

Jubilejnaja Płošča which is next to Frunzenskaja station, Plošča Franciška Bahuševiča near the Musical TheatreVakzalnaja with the exit to DS Družnaja and Kavalskaja Słabada near vulica Žukoŭskaha will welcome passengers in early 2020.

Vakzalnaja will be the only one with the ground lobby and travolators. The entrance to the station will be located above the ground, through the railway station building.

Passenger traffic will be divided here by two separate tunnels for transfer from one station to another.  Construction workers are working on it round the clock to meet the deadline.

Before the long-awaited opening of the metro stations, a trial train run is expected to take place in January. The third line will run from the residential area of Zeleny Lug in the north to Kurassovshina in the south, crossing the existing lines at Pl. Lenina and Frunzenskaja.

The first section will run from Jubiliejnaja plošča to Kavaĺskaja Slabada with two intermediate stations. In a second stage, the line will be extended to Niemaršanski Sad with an intermediate station at Aerqdromnaja.

For the first time in the history of Minsk underground, the tunnels are dug by a 550-ton boring machine from France. An interesting fact, a similar one was used during the construction of the Eurotunnel between France and Great Britain.