MFA Reacts To Sanctions: U.S. Enforces Dictatorship Of Human Rights In Belarus

By imposing sanctions, the United States is enforcing a “dictatorship of human rights” in Belarus, and our response won’t take long, the statement of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry on the official website of the agency reads.

The Foreign Ministry believes that the introduction by the United States of additional visa and financial restrictions on Belarusian individuals and legal entities is an emotional decision and has nothing to do with the real state of affairs.

“The actions of the American partners run counter to their previously declared policy of involving Belarus in interaction and are in no way aimed at supporting the independence of our country. Moreover, the “dictatorship of human rights” imposed by the Americans looks particularly inappropriate in view of the poor state of human rights in the United States,” the statement of the Foreign Ministry reads.

The agency is convinced that sanctions are a useless and counterproductive tool. It also warns that the Belarusian side has already prepared countermeasures and will put them into effect.

“It is sad that the United States prefers the path of confrontation to cooperation even in such obvious global challenges as the fight against terrorism. But this is their choice. Belarus has always taken into account the importance of maintaining normal, mutually beneficial relations with the United States, based on equality and mutual respect. Progress towards such a relationship is impossible without the United States abandoning the policy of the sanctions pressure,” said the ministry.

On 23 December, the United States expanded its sanctions list against the Belarusian authorities, including some security agencies and the CEC, as well as First Deputy Interior Minister Gennady Kazakevich. It also became known that the U.S. State Department imposed visa restrictions on 39 individuals involved in undermining democracy in Belarus.