MFA Employees Hold Picket Lines Against Police Brutality In Belarus

On 17 August, on the steps of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ building, a single picket was held by Vyacheslav Kazachenok. The man is not a diplomat, not a civil servant, he is the head of the history and archives department of the ministry. He was joined by Elena Kopaneva, Deputy Head of the Eurasian Integration Department.

Vyacheslav Kazachenok says that he decided to “express his principled position” on the situation in the country. He also stressed that no one paid him for the picket, did not threaten him or forced to hold it.

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“I’ll say right away, I’m scared. For our future, for people’s lives, our lives… Belarus of the 21st century. A bad dream you want to wake up from… Near the Stela Minsk Hero City World War Two memorial, their brothers, the guards of order and law barbarously beat and shoot people, and they torture people at Okrestin street temporary detention center, the street bearing the name of the front-line soldier who gave his life for our freedom, for a better future, Hero of the Soviet Union Boris Okrestin. And this is not the Gestapo and SD of wartime, not the hilfspolizei… I am a healthy adult man, who is crying in the evenings when I read the stories of people who were tortured,” said Vyacheslav.

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The man calls on the government security services not to beat the lying, helpless, children, women and old people, to remember about honor and conscience.

Be with the people, please stop the genocide. Free people from dungeons, give them medical aid.”

He also addressed the president: “Why don’t you keep your word and leave with a suitcase under your arm? You are long ago and hopelessly separated from the people.”

Kazachenok calls for an investigation of “all acts of lawlessness, arbitrary justice, including in previous years, and the use of force and reprisals against civilians.”

The man adds that he loves his job, he does not have any ammunition at home, drugs, there’s no money behind the couch too, he did not take bribes, did not read manuals, he is a law-abiding citizen.

“Unlike Ambassador to Slovakia Leshchenya, I am in Minsk. I ask the media to follow my fate,” says Vyacheslav.

Today, according to Vyacheslav, before the picket, Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei gathered all the employees for a conversation. He tecalled that the MFA employees took an oath to the state, and, according to the employee, hinted that if someone does not like the policy of the state, he should write a leave notice.

In another development, on 17 August, two diplomats has resigned: Ambassador to Slovakia Ihor Leshchenya who expressed his position on the current situation in Belarus in video message and Head of the European Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Andrei Bushilo – he also posted a white-red-white flag on his Facebook page.

Source: TUT.BY

The text was translated by Veranika Papkouskaya