Medics And Journalists Protest In Solidarity With Detained Colleages, Ordinary Belarusians Join In

Emergency hospital doctors and TUT.BY journalists staged a protest in solidarity with the detained colleagues. They were holding sheets of paper reading 0 ppm. Anesthesiologist Artem Sorokin and journalist Katerina Borisevich have been in a KGB pre-trial detention center since 20 November.

After solidarity actions in an emergency hospital and TUT.BY newsroom, ordinary Belarusians joined a “0 ppm” flashmob. Numenrous photos and videos were coming in from across the country. People’s pose mimics the way the detainees have to stand in inner yards of police stations after their detention during rallies.

Both the medic and journalist were detained after publication of a medical document, which revealed that Roman Bondarenko was sober during an assault on him, thus refuting the official version of the Investigative Committee. An interesting fact, the attackers were not detained and a criminal case was not initiated.

Unlike Roman’s family who has no issues with Sorokin and Borisevich, the Prosecutor General’s Office consider that their actions “entailed grave consequences, expressed in increased tension in society, creating an atmosphere of mistrust in the competent state bodies, prompting citizens to aggression and illegal actions.”

Kuntsevshchina microdistrict in Minsk:

In Zhodino:

In Kaskad residential complex:

In Mayak Minsk residential complex:

And a late night video from Grushevka neighbourhood in Minsk:

Source: TUT.BY