Media: U.S. Simulates Nuclear Strike On Belarus During Command Post Exercise

The U.S. “fired” a few nuclear weapons at Belarus as part of three command post simulation exercises, slate.com reports.

In his new book, The Bomb: Presidents, Generals, and the Secret History of Nuclear War, Fred Kaplan recounts a highly classified war game played by the National Security Council late in the Obama administration.

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Reports of Russia’s “escalate to de-escalate” strategy were emerging. The idea of the game was to test whether this strategy might indeed thwart America’s ability or will to project power in Europe.

One of the scenarios went like this: the Russians invade one of the Baltic states and the U.S. responds by firing a few nuclear weapons at Belarus even though, in the game, it had no involvement in the Russian attacks.

Recall that command post exercises simulating a nuclear strike against Russia were reported during the U.S. Department of Defense background briefing on nuclear deterrence and modernization.

The representative of the Ministry of Defense did not disclose the details of the exercises, adding only that, according to a scenario, Russia used a low-yield limited nuclear weapon against a site on NATO territory.

The U.S. response in this case was “limited”, the official noted and explained that such decisions are taken only after the conversation with the secretary of defense and then with the U.S. president.