7 Hilarious Media Blunders About Belarus That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

All news outlets make mistakes, it’s inevitable in the age of social media and oversharing but some blunders are so hilarious they deserve to be shared, laughed at and never repeated.

BelarusFeed compiled a list of 7 most epic and amusing blunders about Belarus news outlets and some search services have ever made. Check them out and add yours!

1. Again, seriously?

“Belarus is a part of something.” That’s kinda annoying!

The leading British tabloid Daily Mail misquoted Belarusian president and made Belarus a part of Russia and its ally in a war operation in Syria.

It seems the DM journalists know something that even the Belarusian media, which regularly quote the head of state, have no idea about!

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On another occasion the Euronews TV channel decided to delight the supporters of European integration of Belarus by including Belarus in the European Union.

2. World’s hottest teacher from Belarus

Oksana Neveselaya, from Minsk, became an internet sensation after a clip of a curvy woman that looked similar to her was posted on YouTube.

There was just one problem – she was not the woman in the video!

The 17-year-old student received so much attention on social media that she gave up trying to explain that it wasn’t actually her.

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A striking doppelgänger brought the girl, who is not even good at math, more than 550,000 followers!

3. Madagascar or Belarus?

Okay, Google.

Some search engines automatically compile data that expectedly lead to inaccuracies and errors.

This is exactly what happened to Madagascar and Belarus.

If you try to google the name of the African country in Russian (Мадагаскар), you will see the Belarusian flag in the drop down summary.

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Actually, the flags look alike but still have some significant differences in proportions and shadows.

Well, we don’t mind such kind of brotherhood but still…

4. Media “buries” Belarus Nobel laureate

The French and Russian media have mistakenly reported the death of Nobel literature laureate Svetlana Alexievich.

They referred to the Twitter account of the new French Minister of Culture Françoise Nyssen, which turned out to be a fake one.

5. Slowpoke news

Forget sharks! It’s beavers that are truly terrifying.

Actually it’s not a blunder but still one expects more swiftness from world media when it comes to crazed killer-bevers.

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The news about the Belarusian man who died after being bitten by a beaver when trying to take a picture of the animal appeared on British websites TWO months after the attack took place.

6. Blunder or insult?

Still hurts!

A CNN article on the world’s ugliest monuments caused outrage in Belarus and Russia for including the Brest Courage Monument to the list.

“We recognize that the Courage Monument carries deep and significant symbolism in honoring the soldiers who gave their lives defending their nation,” the website reads.
Later CNN apologized for the unintended offense and explained that the compilation was supposed to present a humorous look at monumental architecture worldwide.

7. Ivan Prokofiev?


The TV channel Russia 24 showed a photo of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko with a caption “Ivan Prokofiev” during their report about Barack Obama and subsequent comments of Belarus’ head of state.