How Foreign Media React To Belarus Gold Medals At 2018 Olympics

Darya Domracheva led the Belarusian team to a gold medal in the women’s 4×6-kilometer relay at the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang on February 22. BelarusFeed took a look at how foreign media reacted to the historic victory.

What was that?

A thirst for cheap hype or just shallow knoweledge of the country’s realities, we can’t say for sure but Benjamin Haas who wrote for the Guardian decided to cover the story from a rather weird angle.

And of course the temptation was too strong not to recall everyone that Belarus is the last dictatorship in europe.

The article sparked heated discussions in the Belarusian section of the internet with people suggesting their own headlines for the British articles.

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“Interesting, would Benjamin Haas write news about his country Great Britain in this way: ‘The former world leader of the slave trade won the silver of the Olympics’?

Or maybe ‘From the genocide of the Irish to the gold of Winter Olympics’? Just wondering,” Hanna Hrydziushka said.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reporters were quite impressed with Darya’s incredible stamina and her will to win.

Recall that the biathletes struggled to judge the wind and heavy swirling snow that made the race even more tough and tight.

“Looking back at the games, I can say that this victory is a reward for all our efforts and patience.

We finally made friends with Pyeongchang so to speak: with its winds, difficult weather conditions.

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I could not let the girls down, especially since Dinara Alimbekova left the shooting range first,” Darya Domracheva said.

The Biathlon World journalists were among those who didn’t expect success from the Belarusian athletes so much, they used “surprising” in 3 sentences.

Other news outlets didn’t forget to specify that the victory of the Belarusian biathletes was absolutely historic.

Domracheva became the first female biathlete to win four Olympic gold medals.

By the number of Olympic golds she has surpassed German biathlete Kati Wilhelm and Anastasiya Kuzmina of Slovakia.

Well, looks like neutral storytelling is probably the best choice when it comes to such a long awaited by the whole nation sports victory, right Reuters?