Apocalypse Now. Millions Of Mayflies Create Biblical Scenes In Vitebsk (Photos, Video)

Millions and millions of the fluttering mayflies invaded the city of Vitebsk last weekend. causing chaos for drivers and spectacular show for locals.

It’s raining mayflies in Vitebsk.

Massive mayfly invasion was spotted by locals who took to the streets to see the fantastic looking nature phenomenon.

Standing with their jaws dropped the residents either waved their hands around in the air or filmed the swarm on their phones.

In footage circulating social media, thick clouds of the bugs are seen swirling around streetlights and descending into the nearby river.

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Social media users joked the invasion of bugs looked like “a scene out of a damn horror movie!” or “the end of the world”.

More sad scene awaited locals the next day as piles of bug carcasses were literally everywhere– on sidewalks, lawns, and roads.

Actually, the invasion of the creatures happens in Vitebsk every summer. However, not to the extent the Belarusian city faced this weekend.

The short-living mayflies pose no hazard to people or crops. The insects does not survive for long, rarely for more than 24 hours.

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In some species, it may last for just a few minutes. Besides, the harmless bugs are not in any way related to Christianity’s fifth trumpet.

Photos by vkurier.by, Andrei Tavolzhansky

Source: TUT.BY