UPD: State Border Committee: Kolesnikova Detained At Belarusian-Ukrainian Border

Maria Kolesnikova was detained at the Belarusian-Ukrainian border, Anton Rodnenkov and Ivan Kravtsov are on the territory of Ukraine, the official representative of the State Border Committee of Belarus Anton Bychkovsky told TUT.BY.

Maria Kolesnikova, Ivan Kravtsov (second from right) and Anton Rodnenkov (first from right)

UPD. Opposition leader Maria Kolesnikova reportedly tore up her passport at the Ukrainian border to avoid a forcible expulsion from Belarus, two of her allies Anton Rodnenkov and Ivan Kravtsov said.

“As soon as she ended up in the car and saw her passport, she immediately took her passport and tore it up into little pieces and threw them out the window at the people standing around the car,” Rodnenkov said.

Right after that, he added, Kolesnikova got out through the car window and walked towards the Belarusian border, where she was detained again. On 8 September, Rodnenkov and Kravtsov, who had been expelled by the alleged security forces, said this during a news conference in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Earlier several anonymous sources told Viktor Babariko’s team that Kolesnikova was detained and was held in the Mozyr border guard detachment. In a phone conversation with Kolesnikova’s lawyer Maxim Znak, the operational duty officer said that he was not aware of any detentions at the Aleksandrovka checkpoint.

“All three persons Kolesnikova, Rodnenkov and Kravtsov were passing border control today at the beginning of 5 am in due course. We have the peculiarities of passing the state border there: there are 13 kilometers between our checkpoint and the adjacent one, and as much as 6 kilometers from our checkpoint to the state border [of Ukraine], there is also the settlement of Aleksandrovka. In this regard, there are additional border patrols between the checkpoint itself, where the registration takes place, and the state border line.

After registration, the vehicle BMWof Rodnenkova, Kolesnikova and Kravtsova moved from the checkpoint in the direction of the state border. Seeing the border service уemployee, the car sharply accelerated, endangering the life of the serviceman. And the vehicle left the territory of Belarus. At the same time, Kolesnikova found herself outside the vehicle, apparently, she was pushed out of the vehicle, at least this is what it looks now, as far as I can judge,” said Bychkovsky.

Kolesnikova was detained, Rodnenkov and Kravtsov are on the territory of Ukraine. At the moment, the proceedings are underway.

Where is Kolesnikova now?


By whom? Border guards?

As far as I understand, yes. That’s all I can tell you for now.

As the press secretary of the State Border Service of Ukraine Andrey Demchenko told Belsat, Kolesnikova did not arrive at the Ukrainian checkpoints.

“Two citizens of Belarus arrived at the Ukrainian checkpoints – Kravtsov and Rodnenkov. Kolesnikova did not arrive at the Ukrainian checkpoints to pass the border control,” Demchenko said.

According to Demchenko, Kravtsov and Rodnenkov are now undergoing all the necessary procedures to cross the Ukrainian border.

On the morning of 7 September, in Minsk, unknown men put Maria Kolesnikova into a minibus marked with the sign “Communication” and took her away in an unknown direction. Also, representatives of the Coordination Council Anton Rodnenkov and Ivan Kravtsov went silent. Later it became known that the Department of Financial Investigations of the State Control Committee searched Kravtsov’s apartment.

In the evening, the relatives of Maria Kolesnikova filed a complaint with the police about her disappearance. On 8 September, at 8 am, official representative of the State Border Committee of Belarus Anton Bychkovsky told TUT.BY that members of the Coordination Council Anton Rodnenkov, Ivan Kravtsov and Maria Kolesnikova “passed border control and departed towards Ukraine”.

Lawyer and member of the Presidium of the Coordination Council Maksim Znak told TUT.BY that after the situation with Olga Kovalkova: “The four of us – me, Rodnenkov, Kolesnikova and Kravtsov – discussed what we will do if we are given the same choice as Latushko and Kovalkova: to leave the country or fall under repression. Maria Kolesnikova clearly underlined her position: she will not leave the country under any circumstances, [she will do it] only by force.”