Belarus-Born Marc Chagall’s Painting Sold At Auction For $157,000

Marc Chagall’s painting was sold for 10 million rubles or $157,000 at an auction in Moscow, the Litfond auction house’s press service said on Sunday.

Bell Tower in Chambon-sur-Lac.

Marc Chagall’s Bell Tower in Chambon-sur-Lac painting. Photo: the Litfond auction house

The authenticity of the 1926 masterpiece was confirmed by a certificate of the Committee of Marc Chagall. Initially, the painting was priced at 1 ruble ($0.016) with pre-bets before the auction.

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Jonathan Wilson writes in his book entitled Marc Chagall that the painting was created when the renowned artist was working on illustrations for La Fontaine’s Fables.

At that time, the artist stopped over in Auvergne for a few months near Chambon Lake. His room was facing a picturesque church that is often seen in Chagall’s masterpieces from that time.

The first owner of the Bell Tower in Chambon-sur-Lac was Jean Negulesco, an artist, Hollywood screenwriter, film director and art collector. In 2009, the work was acquired by Leicester Galleries at Sotheby’s auction in New York.

Marc Chagall was an artist of Belarusian Jewish origin born near the city of Vitebsk. He was one of the most influential modernist painters.

Now, this is a universally recognized fact, an axiom. In the eighties and nineties, this was not obvious to everyone and his work which often sells for millions of dollars was banned in Belarus.