Man Tried For Having TV Box In White And Red Colours On His Balcony

Andrey Parkhomenko was detained for having an LG TV box in white and red colours on his balcony. The police consider it was an unauthorized picket. The court sent the case back for revision, the telegram channel of the deregistered the human rights centre “Vesna Nazirae” reports.

On Monday, 26 April, Andrey Parkhomenko was taken from home to the Leninsky District Department of Internal Affairs. The reason for the arrest was an LG TV white-red-white box. The police department drew up a report under Article 24.23 of the Administrative Code.

According to the police, Minsker “took part in the picketing on an unspecified period of time, by placing a white-red-white paper sheet on a glass balcony”. Judging by the photo provided by the Vesna human rights activists, the box could look like this.

Parkhomenko pleaded not guilty. According to the 27-year-old, the box belongs to previous residents of the apartment. The case file contains a black-and-white photo of the box, but Judge Yulia Inchina decided to request a colour video from the police department.

In the video, the judge noticed that the man also has some drawing in white and red colours on the window of the apartment. Andrey explained that this is Lepel’s coat of arms, which also has blue and yellow colours. The case was sent back for revision.

Source: TUT.BY