Man Fined For White-Red-White Fence, Another One For Street Name Sign

Alexander from Khoiniki received a fine of 20 base units [BYN 580/$220/€186] under Part 1 of Art. 24.23 of the Administrative Code. He was found guilty of holding an unauthorized event. Another man was fined 40 base units [BYN 1,1160/$440/€370] for a white-red-white plate with the street name and house number.

Alexander’s statements that he did not hold a picket were verified by the court and found unreliable, since they were fully refuted by the evidence, from which the opposite is clear and there are no grounds for not trusting them,” explained Judge Andrey Kardash his decision in the judgement.

In another development, the Ivanovsky District Court ruled on the administrative case of Andrey Drazhin. Recall that the man was detained on 26 March after the local police came to his house because of the white-red-white plate with the street name and house number.

The son of the detainee shared a photo of the court’s decision issued on 30 March with TUT.BY. In the actions of Andrey Drazhin, they saw signs of a violation of the procedure for holding or organizing mass events. As a result, the judge imposed an administrative penalty in the form of a BYN 1,160 fine.

The court order also has an interesting wording: “To keep a white-red-white flag in the form of a stencil plate, 0.75×0.35 meters in size, a plate indicating the house number in the form of a Pahonia sign with the case materials.” After the arrest of his father, Nikita Drazhin told that the police officers searched the house, shed, garage and bathhouse.

“After that, for about an hour, the police officers filled out some papers. Then they removed and confiscated two plates. According to the police, white-red-white plates with the name of the street in the Latin alphabet and the house number are equated to a solitary unauthorised picket,” explained Nikita.

Before the trial, Andrey Drazhin spent three days behind bars in the local police department.