Museum Director Found Dead After He Refused To Sign Election Tallies Report

The director of the Volkovysk museum, who refused to sign a *protocol (report which sums up the election tallies) during the presidential election and then disappeared, was found dead, the search-and-rescue volunteer team Angel reports.

According to TUT.BY, Konstantin Shishmakov’s death is not of criminal nature. The circumstances surrounding his death resemble suspected suicide. The Investigative Committee of Belarus didn’t comment on the incident.

Konstantin Shishmakov, the director of the Bagration War History Museum, disappeared on 15 August. After refusing to sign the protocol of the election commission, he called his wife at about 5 pm and said: “I won’t work here anymore, I am coming home”. But he never did.

“It all started on 9 August, he was a member of the election comission,” his father said. “There was another man with him. I cannot tell his last name, I do not remember it. They both did not sign the final protocol. As my son said then, someone signed it for them. He called his wife and told her about it.”

Shishmakov’s father says that after Konstantin finished his work at the polling station, some person offered him and that other guy a ride. But the men refused saying that they had nothing to be ashamed of “so we better have a walk.”

The employees of the National Art Museum of Belarus and the National Historical Museum came out to support him. They also expressed solidarity with all Belarusians who disappeared before and after the elections. As of 19 August, seventy people are missing.

Source: TUT.BY

The text is translate by Natalia Procopenco