Man Arrested For 30 Days For Having White-Red-White Ribbon On Car

A father of many children was arrested in Minsk for 30 days for having a white-red-white ribbon on the antenna of a rented car, the deregistered human rights centre Vesa reports.

According to human rights activists, Denis Bukatkin was detained on the morning of 5 April.

The reason for detention is the white-red-white ribbon on the car he drove. The police officers drew up a report against him under Part 3 of Art. 24. 23 of the Administrative Code for “picketing by placing a white-red-white on the antenna of a car”.

In court, the man explained that he had rented a car for work for a long time. He explained that he did not remove the ribbon from the antenna, because he had no problem with it. As a result, the court sentenced Denis Bukatkin to 30 days of administrative arrest.