Make A Wish! 7 Places In Minsk Where Magic Lives

Even in the era of hi-tech and space exploration people still believe in wonders. If you’re one of the modern daydreamers, you should definitely visit these places in Minsk where magic lives and dreams come true.

Don’t forget to make a wish!

1. Bridge over Svislach

Theromantic bridge ii supposedly designed to help young loving souls, is the bridge leading to the Isle of Tears.

Couples go to its central parts, kiss, make a wish and hang a lock on the bridge railing.

2.  Oak tree in Lošyсki Park

The park in general is an extremely mysterous place full of legends and paranormal stories.

This is one the most beautiful places in the city still preserving the spirit of the old days.

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According to one of the legends, a stump of a centennial oak tree can grant lovers years of happy marriage.

3. Angel gazebo 

This gazebo near the hotel Belarus is pretty romantic itself, but is more than just an architectural ornamentation.

Stand in the centre of it, raise your head to look into the sky throught the hall in its roof and ask the higher powers for what you wish for.

4.  Monument to Alexander Pushkin

Located on the banks of the river, this is a place where students come before their exams.

People say, the spirit of the great poet helps not only students of humanitarian sciences but any student in need!

5. Angel of the Isle of Tears

It seems that Nemiga is the epicentre of the city’s magical powers.

Another place attracting those in need of supernatural assistant is the statue of angel on the Isle of Tears.

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Just as the two previuosly mentioned spots, it is extremelly popular with the newly weds. But don’t ask us to tell you why!

6. Bronze saleswoman at Kamarowka

The statue of a woman with sparrows at the entrance to Kamarowka market is supposed to bring luck if you bring her some sunflower seeds first.

And even if she doesn’t help you, a series of hilarious pictures with the unusual showplace will definitely give you a smile.

7. Zero Kilometre

Such marks are always believed to have some magical powers no matter where they’re located.

The one of Minsk is at Kastryčnickaja plošča.

Do you have a similar story to share? Tell us about any magical places you know in the comments below!

Source: TUT.BY, CTV.by