Tourists Can Assemble Belarus Tractors During Tours To The Plant

Tourists to Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ) can now not only watch the naking of the legendary tractor Belarus, but also take part in making one.

The new option will be added to the program of the plant’s industrial tour this month, PR manager said.

In addition to the already existing program of the visit, tourists will ride the most powerful serial Belarus tractor and will have an opportunity to perform several assembling operations.

To add to the impressions, “workers” will get branded overalls and an assembly scheme. The process will be guided by experienced workers.

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There’s one more interesting bonus: upon the completion of work, guests receive a certificate about the participation in the assembly process.

The certificate will mention the certain model and serial number of the assembled vehicle.

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MTZ launched industrial tours in January. Since then, the plant has already welcomed over 1200 visitors, 275 of them were foreign tourists from 18 countries.

The unique experience is offered at 9 Belarusian rubles (~$5) for foreigners and at 5 rubles for locals.